Hot Zinc Spraying

Why use Hot Zinc Arcspray?                                

The arc spray system is empoyed worldwide in countless applications where a metal surface is required to be applied in an efficient, cost effective and quality reliable manner. Our Arc spray system gives higher bond strengths than the usual Flame spray system giving a better quality of work and a longer lasting product. Using this system allows use to carry out the smallest of jobs at competetive prices.

Hot zinc enhances components- Weather protection, Corrosion resistance, Conductivity, Friction properties,Abrasion resistance, Particle Corrosion, Mechanical properties and decorative finishes. It can also be used for repair work on such things as car bodys, Surface finish improvements, Base for powder coating, corrosion restistance etc.......

All work is Blasted to a sa3 standard before carrying out any Hot zinc Sparying unless application requires us not to.